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30 Dec 2016

Walking shoes are important for both going out on an extended trek and a short woodland walk. They are similar to running shoes, light hikers, trail-running shoes, or multisport shoes in design. The most important thing is having the right footwear. If you wear an inappropriate pair, you may be in danger. Check out this our article for more information on how to choose the best shoes for standing all day. And, you can take ones that allow you to enjoy your time outdoors in comfort.

Walking Shoe Considerations

·         Walking style: If you have to run on your feet more casual, you will have many options. The thing you need is a shoe style that most closely matches your work. The shoes depend on where you will walk such as on pavement, on the nature path, or even on dirt roads. For each type of topographic, you will choose a specific type. For example, when you walk on the pavement, you should take a multisport, running, or casual shoe.

·         Cushioning: Running causes more impact to your feet than walking does. Therefore, a traditional running shoe will require more cushioning in the heel than a true walking shoe provides.

·         Waterproofing: If you have the intention to go out even in the bad weather, it will be important to pick a waterproof. We recommend you to consider using a trail-running shoe for this condition. However, if you are living in hotter or drier climates, you can choose shoes without waterproof liners for breathability as well as drying times.

·         Shoe weight: It’s a good idea to choose the low weight of a running shoe if you like the fitness. In fact, the running shoes have the ability to work fine for walking both on a treadmill and on pavement due to a linear motion design.

Walking Shoe Fit   

It’s essential for you to pay more attention to this factor than other considerations as reviews, technology, recommendations, or fashion. A good pair of shoes will help you avoid heel blisters or getting bruised toenails. How do you do to realize a shoe is suitable for your feet? We need to concern about the following two fit tests:

·         Walk down an incline: If you have the shoe snugly, it means that it snugs everywhere and there is no room to wiggle your toe. When you descend the incline, you have to scuff or stomp your feet, you should touch the front inside of the shoes. If the shoe allows you to move that far forward, or your toes touch the front of the shoes, it’s the time for a different pair.

·         Walk uphill on stairs: Your shoes may fit walking down an incline, but not walking uphill on stairs. When walking up stairs, if you pick up your heels the insoles upward more than 1/8 of an inch, you need to consider a different one to avoid blisters.


To sum up, we recommend you to visit a specialty walking shoe store to receive the most useful advice from a knowledgeable staff. They surely know and understand your foot type. Moreover, you should also try out some pairs to find the best suitable for your feet.


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