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23 May 2017

For any runner, one of the most important pieces of fitness equipment is a pair of shoes on their feet. It’s easier to buy a wrong pair of running shoes than you think. Many runners think the best cheap running shoes are the best choices for them. On the contrary, the thing you really need is a suitable pair of running shoes for the unique mechanics of your gait cycle. This shoe must offer a precise balance of support, cushion, and stabilization. That’s why we give you this guide to ensure your next run ends in glory without pain. Use it to find the right shoes for your run.

Buy Your Shoes When You Run

You may not know your feet start to swell in the morning and stop swelling until around four or five in the evening. Your feet is smallest when you run in the morning and largest in the evening. Therefore, we recommend you to buy your shoes when you will use them most.

Go big

This tip is extremely essential for you if you change up your running times a lot. Your feet also swell up when you run. You need a shoe that offers a full thumbnail length between your biggest toe and the end of the shoe. Your fit may make your toes develop worse, blister, or the dreaded black toenail if it’s too tight.

Know Your Gait and Foot Type

Your feet are unique. You need a gait analysis of your foot at a local running shoe store to ensure you get the feel, support you need, cushion, and fit. There are three types of foot including flat, neutral, and high arches. They all determine the level of pronation. For flat-footed runners, they need a high-stability shoe. It’s easy to choose a shoe for neutral feet because it can fit well in many types of shoes. A cushioned shoe with midsole padding and flexibility works best will be perfect for runners with high arches.

Your Old Shoes Tell a Story

It’s a good idea to bring in your old shoes when you go to a running-shoe store. In fact, you bring your old sneakers so that a good staff in the store understands about your foot strike, your gait, as well as your foot type. Also, they can know where you land and how your foot moves during your run.

Don’t Be Cheap

It’s essential to take care of your feet. Don’t get a shoe just because of its price. In fact, you will have to think of buying another pair if you rack up 300 to 400 miles on your shoes. Choose a goof pair of shoe with a suitable price will help to save money by preventing a trip to the doctor.


These tips above are important things you should consider before you make your decision to buy a pair of running shoes. When go shopping for a pair, you shouldn’t just pay attention to its price. You need to consider some other factors as we’ve mentioned in this post. 


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